Beacon Won Has Arrived!

Built in Addison Maine, “Beacon Won” a 70ft schooner captained by Capt. Bruce Dunham will transport the Starter Island participants through the Exuma Cays. Beacon Won was built specifically to accommodate large groups seeking to experience life at sea for a week. From her bow to her stern she has been customized to transport groups comfortably. Although 70 ft long, and 21 ft wide, she only has an eight foot draft that allows her to navigate the shallow waters surrounding the beautiful Exuma Cays.

“Beacon Won” provides for the first time in the history of the Bahamas the perfect platform to host this excursion. Her size, and experienced crew make for a perfect fit with the vision that is Starter Island. Participants may look forward to home cooked meals from her full scale industrial galley, comfortable air conditioned beds, ample deck space to move around, fully functioning bathrooms, large sun deck for collaboration while tanning, and last but not the least, a shaded patio affectionally referred to as the “cigar lounge”. A small 15ft skiff accompanies Beacon to assist in moving guests to and from the beach, snorkeling, fishing, diving, and docking. All in all, “Beacon Won” was made for this!