Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the deadline for application?

The deadline for application is August 1st, 2016.

Q: I’m from outside of the US, can I still apply?
Of course! This is intended to be a cross-cultural experience. We aim to make the competition as dynamic as possible.

Q: How big are the team sizes?
There will be 4 to 5 teams of entrepreneurs comprised of a mixture of Bahamian and international competitors with different skillsets (design, development, marketing, business development, etc).

Q: Can I register as a team? Or as an individual? 
Yes. You can apply as an individual, but if you have a team in mind you would want to work with you can mention it at the start of the trip. It’s up to you!We’re encouraging applications from lots of different backgrounds (CS, math, engineering, design, business and more).

Q: Will there be wifi?
Yes! Manor of Love has full access to wifi so you and the teams can get access to resources or tasks you will need to complete. Our stops around the island and different creative spaces will also have wifi access along the trip.

Q: Will there be activities at Starter Island?
Each day Bahamas Revisited staff will have activities planned, ranging from snorkeling, cliff jumping, hiking, or just laying out in the sand with iguanas!

Q: I missed the deadline, how can I apply for the next Starter Island.
Starter Island will be back next year! To keep posted on how you may compete and get involved, subscribe to our newsletter.

Q: Will the projects be shown to the public?
Yes. All participants will be pitching and presenting their project in front of an audience at Green Parrot Harbour Front back in Nassau Bahamas. Throughout the trip, you will be pitching in front of your team and contestants in order to refine your pitch before the final day.

Q: How will the team’s ideas be judged?
The teams will present in front of judges based on criteria set by the organizers. Each team will be responsible for certain deliverables and activities that need to be completed through the competition along with building and presenting ideas. All criteria will be detailed beforehand.

Q: What are the prizes?
Prizes vary each year based on accomplishments of different challenges and points earned by all teams. Following the Starter Island journey, the winner of the competition enters The Anchor, a 3-month program where mentors from the Shift the Culture community will help refine the winning team’s business idea. The next few months are intended to provide support for the entrepreneurs and their startup in an effort to ensure that quality ideas are presented for growth and potential investment. The winner’s points at the end of the competition can also be used as credit for creative services from our creative team, Thought and Method. We’re also aiming to give 1st place a cash prize this year.

Q: What will you be providing for the crew and what do I need to bring for the competition?

Meals, accommodations, and transportation will be provided for you. Throughout the event, we will have mentors to help all weekend. As a contestant, you’ll need to bring your laptop, smartphone, charger, and anything else you might need to build during the trip.

Q: What should I bring?
To see a full list of suggested requirements, see our Packing List. If you do not bring these things, there will be a place available at each stop where you can purchase what you need from local stores.

Q: Where will we be staying?
We are partnering with Manor of Love to provide all contestants with a place to stay during the course fo the competition. You can see a profile of Manor of Love on AirBnb. Follow the links below:

Unit 6

Unit 7

Unit 8


Q: Will there be travel reimbursement?
If you are out of the country, unfortunately, you will have to pay your own way to fly to the Bahamas. Your $285 application fee, which everyone pays for the competition, would take care of your spot in the competition as well all your accommodations for the trip. (Food, lodging on the boat, activities, etc).