Give To Get: Team Post #1

Three souls came together with one mission…To win! After much discussion, brainstorming and collaboration we discovered that the one thing the world needs more of is giving.

So, we are now the Give to Get team, “providing goods for the greater good.” A team of three comprised of Andre Moncur, Beijing Rodgers and Julie Good.

Our team has a dynamic mix of personalities. Julie has a caring spirit and a deep passion to empower others. Beijing, has a small build but is a giant of a leader, who takes the initiative to provide cohesiveness to the brainstorming for how the business will unfold. Andre, despite being the creative behind the idea, has made both Julie and Beijing feel as though their contribution to the development of the idea is just as important as his. Together, we all bring a variety of skills that can be beneficial in the execution of such a unique business as Give to Get!